How To Create Your Own Economy


You can not control the national economy. If interest rates rise, jobs are outsourced overseas, unemployment increases and political decisions negatively impact our economy, there is nothing you, personally, can do about it.


You can only control your own personal economy. How much you earn depends upon where and for whom you work. Would it not be better if you were in control of what you do and how much you are paid? Well, of course it would be better. We want to show you how you can regain control of your life, your freedoms and your financial well-being.


But let us warn you: this website tells the truth. No pulled punches, no “spin” jockeys, no half-truths. What you are going to learn is what you need to know about regaining control in your life.


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This link will take you to “6 Reasons to Control Your Own Economy.” You will learn the benefits of time freedom and lifestyle choices, how to leverage time and money, how technology will benefit you, and much more. It's time you took back control of your life and started making decisions that benefit you and your family.

If you’re a W-2 earner, you’ll want to pay attention here!

Most people are not aware that by having a home-based business they are entitled to many substantial tax deductions. This could make a significant difference in their lifestyle without increasing their overall income.

When you understand how it works, you’ll see that the tax code offers home based business owners 157 legitimate tax deductions while the typical W-2 earner only gets 3 !!

In essence, you’re nuts if you don’t pursue building a profitable home business.