Brian Peskin Enhancing Your Body’s Ability to Fight the COVID 19 Virus with EFAs

Brian Peskin Enhancing Your Body’s Ability to Fight the COVID 19 Virus with EFAs
Brian Peskin Enhancing Your Body’s Ability to Fight the COVID 19 Virus with EFAs

Essential Fatty Acids - What are they and why do we need them? Scientists have given essential fats (a.k.a. essential fatty acids or EFA's) their name because the body must have them to survive, but cannot synthesize them from any other substance we eat, so a direct food source is required. Hence, the name Essential.
The role of lipids, including essential fatty acids and their prostaglandin, leukotriene and other derivatives, is now evident in almost all areas of biomedical science. Cell membrane behavior and cell signaling in all tissues are highly dependent on the lipid (fat) constituents of cells.
Why do people need essential fats?
Increasing energy, performance, and stamina
EFA's enhance thermo genesis, help build muscle, prevent muscle break down, and speed recovery from fatigue.
Strengthening the immune system
EFA's make hormone-like eicosanoids that regulate immune and inflammatory responses. N-6s have anti-inflammatory effects and can slow autoimmune damage Lowering risk factors for cardiovascular disease
EFA's lower abnormally high levels of blood pressure, triglycerides, Lp(a), fibrinogen, tendency to clot formation, and inflammation.
Improving brain function: mood, intelligence , behavior, and vision
Our brain is over 60% fat. EFA's are important components of the entire nervous system. They are necessary to make the neurotransmitter serotonin. Depression and other brain diseases show decreased levels. Aiding in weight reduction
EFA's help keep mood and energy up and suppress appetite, thereby aiding in weight loss.
More recently, they have been found to block the genes that produce fat in the body (saturated and trans fat do not have this same effect) and increase thermogenesis
Regulating organs and glands
Liver and kidneys, adrenal and thyroid glands, and the production of male and female hormones need EFA's
Speeding up the recovery and healing process
EFA's are necessary for cell growth and division
They form all cell membranes and regulate vital cell activity
Supporting healthy child development
For nervous system development, a growing fetus needs optimum
EFA's from the mother's body.
Mothers become depleted of EFA's during pregnancy, and need optimal EFA intake for their health and their children's optimum development.
Improving digestion
Poorly digested foods tie up the immune system and can cause gut inflammation, leaky gut, and allergies. Improve gut integrity, and decrease inflammation and "leaky gut"
Decreasing chance of infection
EFA's have anti-fungal, anti-yeast, and anti-microbial properties, helping to protect against infections.
Keeping bones strong
EFA's aid in the transport of minerals that keep bones and teeth strong, helping to prevent osteoporosis
Protecting genetic material
EFA's regulate gene expression and inhibit tumor growth.
Easing PMS
Studies indicate that n-6 (GLA) intake was voted, by women, among the top three most effective PMS treatments.
Producing beautiful skin, hair, and nails
Some of the first signs of EFA deficiency are dry, flaky skin, dull hair, and brittle nails. Can help skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne
Also, GLA (n-6 derivative) administration is useful for some patients with atopic eczema.
Bad Oil Will Kill You! Good Oils Will Heal You! Learn Why!
Watch This Video, Then You Will Understand The Importance Of EFA Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 Oils and Being Healthy!
Professor Brian Peskin is one of the world's leading scientists in the field of EFA's and their direct relationship to Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases. In this discussion we talk about the misconceptions about nutrition, the injustices surrounding the current advice given regarding certain oils and some useful information to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Watch This Video on Why You Need Essential Fatty Acids


Do you know that our brain needs 60% PROTEIN/GOOD FATS (Omega 3,6,9) to protect brain tissue and circulate nutrients. Its deficiency will promote chronic illnesses. With enough EFA (essential fatty acid - Omega 3,6,9)  in your diet, your brain will produce melatonin which in turn increases your memory power. "This may assist our children to be more focused and have greater retention in their studies."
Our kidneys and liver also need about 50% of these good oils so that they can function efficiently. Liver failure is not easy to detect. It will only trigger your attention when it is about 70% bad. Care is therefore needed before the failure set in.
Without these Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 Sources of good oils that you are scientifically proven to be 45% made of to Detox, Oxygenate and Nourish our body from the inside out, over a period of time, our cells will be totally covered by the bad oils. The toxin in the cell cannot come out and the nutrients cannot get in.
"According to Dr Ottow Heinrich Warburg (Nobel Prize in Medicine), these cells will become damaged within 2 days." In view of the above, we give you Soul Cold Pressed Seed Food Nutrition which is very essential for the body, just like water. SOUL alone can go a long way to help you feel better when it comes to almost all health issues.
Over 20 Years Of Research!
Doctors and Scientist have proven that your Cells, Arteries, Organs and Brain are made up of 45% to 65% PEOs Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 oils, not fish oil. You can only get these oils from Cold Pressed Seeds.
The bottom line is: Seed Nutrition/Technology is the future of health and wellness. Vitamins, Herbs, Beets, Juicing are Derivatives from Seeds and can no longer compare as good nutrition.
Seeds are life. Seeds are living food. We have come full circle in the nutrition field; seeds are the nucleus- the DNA- of nutrition.
The 2 oz packet of SOUL is a blend of natural organic seeds oils that delivers the most potent wholesome food nutrients packed in a certified USA facility using unheated 'cold-pressed' technology. SOUL contains Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 Sources of oils from Black Cumin Seeds, Black Raspberry Seeds, Chardonnay Grape Seeds, Resveratrol and D-ribose - the special blend of the 3 oils gives RAIN SOUL its power. Soul contains 10 servings of fruits, 10 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of healthy fatty acids.
SOUL has been hailed as one of the most important anti-aging supplements ever discovered. The amount of antioxidants in your body is directly proportional to how long you live. SOUL is certified organic unique antioxidant with essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, 9 vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and enzymes and 9 of the 14 super nutrients that is necessary to consume every day.
The health benefits and results are amazing. SOUL has all science behind it with 20 years of empirical medical research and with 6 worldwide patents for the black cumin seed.
Here are the 6 Patents for Black Cumin Seed that were granted:
Asthma/allergy Patent No EP1709995
To increase immune function US Patent No 5482711
Diabetes US Patent No 6042834
Inhibition of cancer cell growth US Patent No 5653981
Viral Infections US Patent No 6,841,174
Psoriasis US Patent No 6,531,164
Order Soul Cold Pressed Seed Food Nutrition for $65.00 plus shipping and get a box of 30-2 oz pouches shipped to your home.
Call me 214-549-7548 or order online at

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