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Thymoquinone is known to control many fungi bacteria and some viruses

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Thymoquinone (TQ) is the major active principle of Nigella sativa seed (black seed) and is known to control many fungi, bacteria, and some viruses. TQ controlled the anaerobic human pathogenic bacteria, which supports the use of N. sativa in the trea... Read full article

Statin Drug did not reduce CVD events risk and several reported substantial harm

by Maryanne Demasi , Robert H Lustig , Aseem Malhotra on

However, the true benefit of statins in altering risk of CVD is increasingly being questioned by respected members of the medical community, creating bitter divisions within the ranks. Several cardiologists have countered that the benefits of statins... Read full article

Treats HIV

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The use of this marvelous oil has been a useful tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS. According to recent studies, black seed oil has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of HIV.... Read full article

Soul Provides Protection from all 5 Primary Radicals

by David Bell on

Soul contains powerful antioxidants, which absorb and protect cells from damaging free-radicals and oxidation stress. Free-radicals are known to contribute to the aging process. Soul promotes health and longevity with anti-aging properties.... Read full article

Dr Weeks M.D. and the Power of SOUL

by Dr Weeks M.D. on

He explain how Black Cumin Seed Oil has been proven to help your body produce the P53 gene that SHUTS DOWN CANCER!... Read full article

Learn How Bad Oil Will Kill You! Good Oils Will Heal You! Learn Why!

by Professor Brian Peskin on

In this discussion we talk about the misconceptions about nutrition, the injustices surrounding the current advice given regarding certain oils, best efa oil and some useful information to maintain a healthy lifestyle.... Read full article