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Black Cumin Seed has Thymoquinone (TQ), a bioactive component of black caraway seed (Nigella sativa) oil, is reported to have antineoplastic properties.These findings may be clinically important when considering TQ as a possible adjunct treatment for breast cancer prevention since a high percentage of breast tumors express NQO1.

Stops Cancer Treatment

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Medicinal plants are known for their many advantages, including the ability to treat diseases such as cancer. Black Cumin Seed Nigella sativa in Soul and its active constituent thymoquinone (TQ) have long been used... Read full article



Doctors have long known that some portion of the tumors revealed by the scans might never become life-threatening—but they haven’t been able to discern harmless growths from those that grow and spread.... Read full article

Breast Cancer Treatment

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Effect of grape seed extract (GSE) on breast cancer cell MCF-7 about the of proliferation and the gene expression of survivin. GSE can inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cell through arresting the cell cycle in S periods.... Read full article

Doctor's Best Serrapeptase

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Doctor's Best Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme found in the digestive tract of the Japanese silkworm and has been used as a nutritional supplement in Europe and Asia for decades. Supports Healthy Sinuses, Leg Ulcers, Blocked Veins.... Read full article

Cure for Cancer Human Trials

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The higher consumption of fruit, herbs, spices, and vegetables is well known and practical strategy to cure human cancers owing to their presence of bioactive compounds. Among these, Nigella sativa is a promising source of bioactive compounds.... Read full article

Anticancer Foods

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Antioxidants are substances that function to protect cells from damage caused by unstable free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). These agents are also quite successful in deterring certain disease processes specifically, cancer.... Read full article

Healthy Diet Foods

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EATING 10 portions of fruit and vegetables every day could significantly reduce a person's risk of heart disease and cancer, a new study has found. The highest benefits are seen when people consume 10 portions, researchers found.... Read full article

Prevents Parkinsons Disease, Breast Cancer and Leukemia!

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Today, standardized extracts of grape seed may be used to treat a range of health problems related to free radical damage, including brain health, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Grape seed extract has also been shown to protect against bacteria... Read full article

Black Cumin Seed Oil for Pregnancy

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Although it is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor on an individual basis, there have been some studies that show positive results when taken during pregnancy. ... Read full article

Natural Cures for Breast Cancer Treatment

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For centuries, herbs and plants have been used for medicinal purposes and as food as well. This review concerns about different types of plants that retain the immune stimulating and anti-tumor properties.... Read full article